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We deliver high quality training to promote health and wellbeing across a number of settings.

Mind Body Spirit Fitness - Orchid HealthPublic Health Prevention Messages

We can offer health promotion messages across the preventative health agenda, if your organisation needs further advice/support or training on the following areas, we can work with you to deliver these. The areas we cover are smoking cessation, sexual health, immunisations, physical activity, mental health and wellbeing and health lifestyle choices


Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or be overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach; implementing Mindfulness has shown to increase:

  • better quality of life,
  • Anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion and irritability all decrease with regular sessions of meditation.
  • increased happiness levels,
  • reduced stress and better relationships,
  • effective in reducing levels of stress
  • alleviates many aspects of physical and psychological suffering
  • increasing resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Increases communication skills

We can offer Mindfulness training as an intense course or as one-off sessions, this can be tailored to meet your organisational needs.


We can offer Dementia awareness training to your organisation, this half a day course looks at the different types of dementias and considers the impact of dementia on the person living with dementia and their family and friends.


Adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognised two training course, designed to teach people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis.

Everyone on an Adult MHFA course is taught a set of skills which enables them to support someone experiencing mental health issues. Topics covered include depression, suicidal crisis, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Everyone who attends the course will receive a copy of the MHFA manual and workbook, which are both excellent support resources. They will also receive a certificate to confirm that they are a trained Mental Health First Aider.


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Lite

MHFA Lite is an internationally recognised 3-hour introductory mental health awareness course that is designed to help people gain a wider understanding, for themselves and others, of some issues surrounding mental health. Participants will be able to define mental health & some mental health problems and will learn to work more effectively with people experiencing mental health problems.

Adult MHFA courses can be attended by people aged 16 upwards and are relevant for the general population.

Both courses are delivered by approved MHFA Instructors who have completed a seven day programme accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.


Mental Health awareness training

This one-day course is for anyone who would like to develop their understanding of mental health. It defines the common mental health problems, risk factors, symptoms to look out for and support options available. The final section is dedicated to maintaining participants own mental health and wellbeing.


Five ways to wellbeing

This training course incorporates evidence based public health messages to promote mental health and wellbeing. The course introduces 5 actions that if undertaken on a regular basis have been proven to increase mental health and wellbeing. Participants will develop an understanding of the background of the Five Ways to Wellbeing and how they can make changes in their lifestyle in line with this.

There is the option to deliver this course in a variety of formats – 5 consecutive weeks, half day or full day.


Other services…
Wellbeing Strategies

Mental health and Wellbeing is key and we know more emphasis is being put onto Workplace Health to keep colleagues well at work and to reduce sickness absence. We can work with your organisation to design, develop and implement Wellbeing strategies.


Health and wellbeing sessions

Book a health and wellbeing session for you staff to show them that their health and wellbeing matters.

A bespoke 1.5 hour interactive session delivered over the lunchtime period featuring a range of specialists and experts offering 1:1 information and advice. Taster training sessions and mini treatments can also be delivered.

Topics include stopping smoking, alcohol, weight management and healthy eating, mindfulness, stress management, mental health and five ways to wellbeing. Mini treatments include hand massages and Indian head massage. Call us to discuss your exact requirements.